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Tappinn is a complete mobile marketing platform that blends content creation tools with delivery vehicles such as QR codes, SMS text messaging and NFC tags. Combine this with useful analytics and simple mobile CRM features, and Tappinn members have the fundamental tools to grow their business with mobile marketing.

At Tappinn we have recognized a new kind of web content, unique to mobile devices, that encourages 2-way interactivity with mobile audiences in the real world environment. Physical touch-points such as print advertising, in-store signage and retail product displays are now opportunities for mobile web transactions with audiences.

With that considered, there are awesome new ways to engage audiences using existing marketing vehicles as prompts for mobile web interaction. On Tappinn, members can build content that is tailored for these marketing vehicles, promoting exclusive intensives for interaction. We call this process mobile tagging. It involves strategically connecting mobile web content to physical touch-points like print advertising, packaging, displays, product labels, brochures, signage, etc.

Inside Tappinn, members have an environment to build 2-way, interactive mobile content for clients, or for themselves. Not only that, they can create and track marketing gateways while collecting useful data from customers. This interactive content includes: mobile websites, sign up forms, mobile coupons, commerce pages, location find, surveys, voting, click to call, text-ins and more.

While the platform works by itself, we are proud of the personal support that is guaranteed with every partner membership. This includes 1on1 training and individual campaign guidance. Because it is still the early stages of mobile marketing, an experienced eye is helpful to ensure campaign optimization. Working with members in an effort to help them be successful with mobile marketing is what motivates us to innovate new features. Watching our members succeed is the ultimate reward.

In this new age of digital consumption, customers are glued to their mobile device to get information. They can access content whenever they want. Because of this, audiences can now interact with brands and businesses in the real world with a simple TAP, opening the door to a lasting relationship.

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