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CRM Platform for Mobile Marketing

CRM is an important ingredient of mobile marketing. Short for, customer relationship management, CRM involves collecting data from customers to track and measure over multiple channels. In the case of mobile marketing, CRM allows businesses to manage all mobile interactions with current and future customers. As Tappinn grows, we plan to develop features that will continue to enhance mobile CRM for members. Using mobile, there are more opportunities than ever to collect valuable data from customers.

CRM Lead Management and SMS Messaging

On Tappinn, members can collect customer information by using forms, coupons and SMS keyword text-ins. By doing this, you can build a qualified database of mobile customers who take interest in your business. After collecting mobile numbers from customers, you can access the information and use the SMS manager to continue communication with those who have opted in. After collecting information like name, phone, email and address, there is an opportunity to build profiles for prospective leads and send them offers based on their information.

Tappinn CRM for Mobile Marketing