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Mobile Reward Program Builder

Build Mobile Loyalty Cards and Rewards for Customers

The mobile reward builder is an easy-to-use marketing software that enables merchants to build reward programs with loyalty cards for customers to use on their mobile device. The reward programs are hosted as HTML5 mobile websites and can be accessed by any smartphone, so there isn't the hassle of downloading or maintaining an app. Merchants can build a branded reward program for their mobile site, with incentives that range from loyalty punch cards to coupons and exclusive offers, all designed to keep customers coming back.

Joining the reward program is simple. Customers register by filling out a short sign up form from their mobile device. The sign up form consists of name, phone number, email and password. Once signed up, customers are able to use mobile punch cards, receive text messages and check for rewards that you've created.

Mobile Reward Program Subscriber Experience
Personal Subscriber Profiles

Customers create an account from their mobile device to access a branded dashboard with loyalty cards and rewards, without the inconvenience of downloading an app.

Mobile Loyalty Punch Cards

Loyalty cards let customers collect ePunches to earn rewards. Punches are validated by geo-location and merchant approval, and then displayed in the ePunch meter on the customer's loyalty card.

Mobile Rewards

Customers redeem rewards using their mobile device when they are at a merchant location. Rewards can be earned by completing loyalty cards, but also be given as coupons and exclusive offers.

Mobile Reward Program Merchant Experience
Send SMS Messages to Loyalty Subscribers

Use SMS bulk messaging to notify loyal customers of new rewards that are available inside their mobile account.

Validate Loyalty Card Punches and Rewards

Merchants confirm loyalty transactions through a password protected mobile page that can be accessed from any web enabled device at point of sale.

Mobile Reward Program Tracking and Analytics

Track rewards by participation, total ePunches and redemptions. Collect CRM data from customer sign ups and activity to use for future rewards.

Promoting Rewards to Mobile Customers

Mobile reward programs fit nicely into existing marketing efforts like print ads, POP signage, website content, coupons and social media. To promote your mobile reward program through these channels Tappinn offers other tools that include a mobile website builder, qr codes, SMS messaging, and NFC signs. Combining existing marketing collateral with your new mobile rewards program can help maximize exposure and customer participation.

Rewards Loyalty QR Code

Let's face it, loyalty programs are moving out of wallets and into smartphones as a new generation of shopper emerges. It's time to ditch the paper punch cards and engage customers on their mobile device with reward programs that are convenient to use.

Mobile Website Loyalty Cards Builder

Mobile Reward Program Highlights

  • Mobile Loyalty Cards that are easy to create and use.

  • Build branded reward programs for any type of business.

  • Hosted as an HTML5 mobile website that doesn't require an app download.

  • Validate reward transactions from any web-enabled device.

  • Send bulk SMS text messages to subscribed customers about available rewards.

  • Track rewards by usage and collect CRM data from customers.

  • Personalized mobile dashboard where customers use rewards and loyalty cards.

  • Discounted pricing for white label re-sellers.

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