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Mobile Website Builder Examples

Mobile Website Builder Features

The Tappinn mobile website builder is incredibly easy to use. All Tappinn subscribers can build, manage, and track targeted mobile websites especially intended for QR codes, SMS text messaging, and NFC mobile tagging campaigns.

Mobile websites that are built on Tappinn can be accessed through any web-enabled mobile device. Hosted on Tappinn's secure servers, mobile pages automatically format to not only fit all smartphone web browsers, but tablets and even desktop computers. Currently Tappinn mobile websites display on over 7,000 devices.

The mobile website builder features: mobile video embedding, social sharing, button designs, comments, vCards, sign up capture, text design, Twitter embedding, images, and much more.

Influential QR code advertising campaigns start beyond the code. Thats why we have given Tappinn subscribers have all of the tools they need to build professional mobile websites and landing pages for QR codes, SMS, and NFC tags.

Shopping: Build product galleries and landing pages with express mobile checkout. Allow shoppers to make secure purchases with PayPal by adding a "buy now" button for fast transactions. More...
Facebook Comments: Allow audiences to comment on your mobile websites and landing pages. The comment is simultaneously posted on the user's wall for a viral boost. See what your fans are saying by letting them comment from their mobile device.
Mobile Offers: Create exclusive mobile offers that can be delivered to customers through QR codes, SMS, NFC tags, mobile websites, mobile banner ads, and more. More...
Sign up forms: Sweepstakes and mobile coupon signups are easy to build. User entries are saved within the secure Tappinn platform, allowing easy CSV exporting. Build automatic reply emails containing exclusive content and deals. Seamlessly connect data to 3rd party CRM platforms using Tappinn plug-ins.
SoundCloud: Using the audio publishing platform, SoundCloud, members can record and publish audio tracks, then integrate them into their mobile websites and landing pages. More...
Image Slide Show: A dynamic way to exhibit up to 6 images that sequentially slide across the same window on the mobile page, letting audiences 'swipe to browse' rather than scrolling down, best utilizing the mobile screen size. More...
Twitter Feeds: Inject live conversation into your mobile experience by embedding twitter feeds into your pages. Keyword searches and profiles can instantly add conversational content that updates in real time.
Mapping: Display multiple points of interest nearest to the user's location.
Video: Embed YouTube videos into mobile pages along side other mobile content. QR codes and NFC tags that lead directly to video isn't encouraged by Tappinn. Instead, combine video with other engaging content for a well rounded user experience.
Business cards: Set up vCards and merge them with additional contact information for business card QR code applications.

Mobile Buttons. Choose from a variety of button styles to enhance your mobile website design. Learn more about choosing effective buttons, Mobile Website Button Designs That Will Get Customers Clicking.

Mobile Buttons for Mobile Websites

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The Tappinn Mobile Website Builder Is Design Flexible

Mobile Websites using PayPal

Build shopping pages with PayPal express checkout.

Mobile Business Card Site

Mobile Business Cards
Build custom pages with vCard buttons for business card QR codes.

Mobile Website with Embedded Video

You Tube Videos
Embed videos on pages easily, just copy and paste the YouTube video URL.

Design Flexible Mobile Website

Design Tools
Create multiple image slideshows. Layer images over backgrounds.

Mobile Website with Submission Form

Sign Up/Sweepstake Forms
CRM plugins available. Scan to win campaigns.

Mobile Website with Embedded Twitter Feed

Twitter Feeds
Stream profile updates or key word searches.