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Brand Mobile Website Franchising for Retail Partners

Mobile websites have quickly become essential for brands. However, simply developing a mobile website that is formatted for every mobile device across all platforms shouldn't be the only priority. With Tappinn, that part is automatic.

The question is: How can your brand's mobile website push foot traffic to individual retail partners? Tappinn has the answer. Franchising your mobile website for retail partners is recommended.

Brand Mobile Website Franchising for Retail Partners

Most retailers don't have a quality mobile web presence, especially when it comes to representing your brand. Let Tappinn develop a mobile website that your partners can use to drive traffic directly to their store. After Tappinn builds your brand's mobile website, the content is franchised for individual retail partners, with store specific contact information and social links. Combined with unique delivery tools such as QR codes, NFC tags, and SMS, partners can seamlessly promote your brand in their local advertising efforts.

Leveraging your brand's mobile content to benefit brick and mortar retailers will not only strengthen your relationship with them, it will empower them to sell more of your brand inside the store. Harness the phenomenon of anywhere mobility by creating hundreds of retail specific mobile websites unique to each store location. All made possible by the Tappinn development team.

Mobile Website Franchising includes:

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