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Printed NFC Signs and Products for Advertisements

The role of printed signs and point-of-purchase displays for advertising has been fundamentally redefined with the emergence of NFC mobile technology. Now, static printed NFC products are an important component of successful digital advertising campaigns because of their ability to visually prompt audiences, in real world contexts, to tap their mobile device and initiate a mobile web experience. Because of this, there are amazing new opportunities to interact with shoppers in retail environments with printed products combined with NFC tags and mobile web content.

Tappinn offers a range of printed NFC products which includes smart posters, frames, duratrans, counter signs, window cling decals, PVC business cards and stickers. All of these are intended to promote mobile web interactions with audiences for advertising campaigns.

NFC Smart Posters with Snap Frame

NFC SMART POSTERS W/Snap Frames - These professional smart posters are printed on satin photo paper with your custom graphic. They can be laminated to add UV protection and prevent damage. The snap frames allow quick and easy poster changes with no tools required. The framing system features a set of spring loaded aluminum extrusions mounted to a rigid polystyrene backer. A satin silver finish and clear non-glare protective graphic lens comes standard. (Black frames also available)

NFC Backlit Duratran

NFC Backlit Duratrans - Backlit signs displayed inside of an LED or florescent light box deliver inviting, highly saturated colors to help your graphics stand out in any environment, indoors or outdoors. With NFC tags embedded, these traditionally static printed images can encourage audience interactions in a dynamic way when combined with valuable mobile web content. Samsung successfully used NFC outdoor duratrans to promote music downloads.

NFC Counter Signs

NFC Counter Signs - The interchangeable NFC counter mats are available in different sizes. They promote mobile engagement while also protecting the NFC tags from damage. A magnetic frame keeps the NFC smart poster in place and the rubber base on the back of the counter mat offers a non-slip performance, securing the sign on its intended surface.

NFC Window Signs

NFC Window Signs - Our window cling decals are made with 7mil gloss white flexible vinyl. They adhere to surface areas via static cling or peel off adhesive. Combined with NFC, they have the potential to engage window shoppers in a whole new way.

NFC PVC Cards - Redefining the traditional business card, they are printed double sided with a PVC coated gloss finish. Embedded inside of the cards is an NDEF formatted NFC chip with of enough data space to encode all popular NFC actions.

NFC Stickers

NFC Stickers - Buy NFC tag stickers that are NDEF formatted, designed for mobile marketing with smart posters and NFC point-of-purchase displays. These NFC tag stickers are available in different sizes, round or square shaped, and at wholesale pricing. The tags are available in blank white or with our generic design with gloss finish. Our NFC tags are compatible with every NFC enabled device on the market.

NFC Double-Sided Advertising Tower

Double Sided NFC Advertising Tower - The Ad Tower's double sided exposure and eye-level height make it a perfect tool for NFC print advertising. The Ad Tower is lightweight and easy to set-up. The elegant, oval shaped base is sturdy and will hold up to in-store use, and at trade shows.

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