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QR Code Marketing

QR Code Marketing Platform

Tappinn is unlike any other QR code marketing platform on the web. The ability to create, manage and track multiple qr codes for print advertising, combined with an easy-to-use mobile website builder, makes Tappinn an effective tool for mobile marketers. To be successful with QR codes, they must be teamed with valuable mobile content such as coupons, interactive landing pages and mobile sites. Inside Tappinn, marketers have all the tools needed to create custom QR codes for interactive mobile landing pages that hold real value for audiences.

Integrated into our QR code generator is a mobile website builder, coupon generator, and detailed analytics. This gives members a powerful advantage!

Because Tappinn is dedicated to helping members deliver interactive mobile websites to audiences, we provide a platform for members to run QR code marketing campaigns alongside SMS and NFC campaigns. This sets Tappinn apart from most other mobile marketing platforms.

One QR Code Does Not Fit All

Using multiple QR codes is recommended for professional mobile marketing campaigns. Even if the QR codes direct audiences to the same content, they should be different based on the media application. If it's a magazine ad, the QR code should be created specifically for that month's issue and named accordingly for tracking. This way it's more effective to see where scans are coming from. Also, it lets you know what media is working and what isn't.

QR Code Marketing in Magazines

QR Code Generator with Tracking and Management

For efficient tracking and management, create QR codes and save them under specific mobile pages. Tappinn is a complete package of mobile website building, QR code creation, campaign management, and analytics that can't be found anywhere else on the web. More...

QR Code Analytics Management

Design QR Codes That Engage Audiences

There are ways to graphically enhance your QR codes that will attract more attention. Not only do we encourage this, we offer graphic services especially for designer QR codes. Most of the time the design will include instructions for the QR code detailing the offer after the scan. While QR code aesthetics are important to a mobile marketing campaign, we still recommend spending most resources on the experience after the QR code scan. A flashy looking QR code isn't effective unless it connected to meaningful mobile content.

QR Code Frames
Designer QR Codes

QR code framing is a way to make your code stand out in a crowd, without inhibiting the code's ability to be scanned. Here are some ideas that we came up with to illustrate the concept. Let us teach you how to design QR codes that visually fit your marketing campaign.

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