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SMS Mobile Marketing Using Long Codes

SMS mobile marketing software that includes NFC tags and QR codes, combined with an easy-to-use mobile website builder.

SMS Marketing with Long Codes

Long codes are standard 10-digit phone numbers enabled to send and receive SMS text messages anywhere in the world. Mobile marketing using long codes offers businesses the opportunity to communicate with customers anywhere.

Similar to short codes, audiences can text keywords to long codes and receive a response message based on the campaign. The keywords are used to trigger a specific message that delivers information and confirms the opt-in. After collecting a list subscribers who have opted in, the long code is used to send out deals and promotions to those subscribers in bulk messages.

SMS Longcode Mobile Marketing

Today, text messaging is one of the most popular forms of communication. Everybody does it. So in many cases, texting might be the best channel for businesses to engage potential customers and retain existing ones. One thing is for sure, texting is an important ingredient in a successful overall mobile marketing effort.

Create Long Codes, Keywords and Send Bulk Text Messages

Inside Tappinn, members can create and manage long codes for mobile marketing. Not only that, they can generate keywords, set auto responses, and send mass text messages to existing lists of subscribers.

When audiences text a keyword to your long code, they initiate a conversation on the most personal level, expecting a meaningful experience in return. Using the mobile coupon generator and the mobile website builder can send real value to customers in the form of personalized mobile coupons and valuable web content.

On Tappinn, SMS marketing campaigns coexist alongside QR codes, mobile coupons, mobile websites and NFC marketing, so members can track SMS campaigns with long codes next to other mobile marketing channels.

SMS Mobile Marketing Platform

Advantages of Long Codes vs. Short Codes

Although long codes are 5 digits longer than short codes, there are many advantages to using long codes over traditional short codes for mobile marketing. Most importantly, long codes are cheaper and faster to implement. Another benefit to long codes is that popular keywords are always available which helps your brand be more memorable with audiences. Also, they are much more 2-way, allowing audiences to reply to message in a way that can be recorded. Last, long codes are friendly around the globe, Tappinn offers an SMS long code marketing service that can be promoted anywhere in the world.

Tappinn's SMS marketing platform can be used by many different types of service providers including, printers, agencies, publishers, brands, restaurants and retailers.

Reach audiences on personal level with an affordable mass texting solution for businesses and resellers. Tappinn offers special text message rates and free long codes for white label members.

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