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White Label Mobile Website Builder

A comprehensive white label mobile marketing software that includes NFC tags, QR codes, and SMS marketing, combined with an easy-to-use mobile website builder.

White Label Mobile Marketing Dashboard

Tappinn's white label mobile website builder and marketing platform combine QR codes, NFC tags and SMS keywords with an easy-to-use mobile website builder and real-time analytics. By utilizing the full white label experience, Tappinn partners can confidently grow their business with clients on a mobile marketing platform that's branded 100% as their own. These white label members also have the freedom to provide clients a unique login to manage their mobile websites, view analytics, or create new marketing channels on their own.

The white label package includes a branded login portal, custom URL's, personalized footer, and company logo on every page inside the platform.

White Label Mobile Marketing Platform and Site Builder Highlights:

Tappinn has always been committed to providing a mobile marketing platform that can deliver noticeable results to businesses. Making this available in a white label format allows our partners to share those benefits with their clients. Mobile marketing is fragmented, so the best way to promote mobile content is through a variety of channels. With the addition of SMS marketing, combined with the proliferation of NFC tags and QR codes, Tappinn partners have several tools to drive mobile engagements. This makes it easier than ever to generate new revenue and expand current products into mobile.

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